The Ultra Cool “Czar Ice Bar” – Here’s the Scoop

Located at: 56 East Andrews Drive. Atlanta, GA 30305.

The ultra-cool Czar Ice Bar is the only vodka ice bar in Atlanta. It offers incredibly fresh sushi prepared by sushi master Chef Saito, and a vodka bar with 300 different kinds of delicious vodka that will make your head spin. From salmon vodka, to bacon vodka, and everything in between.

Sushi and Vodka, what is more to ask for?

Czar Ice Bar became my new obsession; it combines sushi and vodka on a whole new level. It has the best sushi in Atlanta, and the best Russian vodka brands. An excellent ice bar in Buckhead, Andrews Entertainment District. I believe that the people are what makes a good bar, and the owners of the bar are amazing, the staff is awesome. There is no drama and no obsequious servers. Just really good time.

I love going to Czar Ice Bar, it is classy, and the chandeliers are fantastic, it has fun lightning and unique decor. The atmosphere is quite cool and icy. Very upscale. Czar is a bit different than other bars. Every time you walk in here you marvel at the ceiling, and gaze upon the artwork, or are they gazing at you? You will feel like James Bond in one of his movies.

Technology and elegance combine in the first and only vodka ice bar in Atlanta, the ice bar itself is solid, 27 feet long and 4 inches thick. It has a cooling system that will maintain five degrees Fahrenheit consistently in all seasons, that allows you to pour Martini and have the best drinking experience while you are sitting at the bar. And let’s not even mention the cleanliness. The staff (hired out to the best in the business: CheckMaid) does an impeccable job. Couldn’t ask for me!

You can have a blast with inventing your vodka, because vodka in itself is an odorless and tasteless spirit, so you can use it as a pallet to draw whatever savory taste you could dream up. Did you know that Russian athletes used to train just on vodka and sushi?

I think Chef Saito makes the best sushi in Atlanta, just the fact of having him making your food is a gift. Moreover, by having vodka as the main ingredient. He can showcase his food, and the bartenders can showcase what they can do with the vodka, without interfering with the other one. His food is art, he only uses the best ingredients, bring it all together and present it in a manner that is truly mouth-watering. Yummy!

The Rainbow Rolls are phenomenal, with three different kinds of top caviar, they combine the best of all worlds. Must have. The seared pepper tuna is exceptional as well. Also, Mango Rolls are quite the bomb. Chef Saito is always creating something new for you to try. He has been to France, New York City, and Las Vegas.

If you like sushi and vodka, this is the place for you. When you leave the bar, you will feel like you are the Czar yourself. Overall, you will want to get your Instagram account ready, because you are going to take millions of pictures.